Altos Veterinary Clinic offers a work environment that values diversity, and the importance of our employees’ contributions to our hospital cannot be overstated. Our staff thinks of themselves as a big, happy family, and we are excited to welcome you and your pet as part of that family. We hope you enjoy meeting them.

Wayne, El Presidente de Magnifico, TLWLT Inc (parent company of Altos)

Initially believed to have been born on Earth, Wayne later learns that he is a member of an extraterrestrial warrior race called the ‘Guitar Heroes’, which is also the reason for his superhuman strength. As Wayne grew up, he became the Earth’s mightiest warrior and protects it from those who seek to destroy it. During his mission, he met and caught the eyes of Dr. Tamara White and since then has brought about a mess of children who are all entirely too precocious. Since then, he has taken a break from his journey and spends his time working at Altos as a general handyman, tech geek and client liaison. In his spare time is the CIO for Results Company International, lead singer in an 80s rock band, serious Harley Davidson enthusiast with pipes that are entirely too loud, amateur brew master continually tinkering with beer recipes, author and blogger. He has a house full of children, a handful of dogs & cats, and enough KISS albums & paraphernalia to open a museum.

Roxy, Hospital Manager

Originally from Texas, Roxy has been working at Altos before Dr. White bought the clinic back in 2007. Initially working as a certified technician, she has wonderfully taken over the role of hospital manager and is the backbone of the clinic altogether. Roxy is involved in all training, as well as both front of house and back of house. She spends her time both at Altos and traveling to Puerto Rico to be the director of operations at their humane society. Roxy is an absolute Star Wars fanatic and enjoys spending her free time with her loved ones.

Sandra, Certified Veterinarian Technician

Born in Panama, raised by Puerto Rican parents, at a very young age Sandra had a life- long passion for science. She moved to her new home Colorado in 2019, to further her knowledge and competence through a commitment of lifelong learning. Over the years, she has obtained a bachelor’s degrees in biology and completed her masters in molecular biology. She is the mom of two dogs, Maya, Suki (AKA La problematica), and her enchanted black cat Coquí (Named after the Puertorican frog because he is a prince). Sandra has worked over 17 years in this field, including emergency in critical care, speciality medicine, and day to day practice. Animal care is where her heart is, she loves being a veterinary nurse because she cares for those who don’t have a voice and will always defend their rights.

T, Veterinary Technician

T is an army brat, who has moved around a lot in their life. They moved to Colorado to become a vet, however soon decided that being a veterinary technician was the way to go and is now finishing up school. T’s first job was in the veterinarian field, and at that point they absolutely fell in love with it. At home T has their own little zoo, with 7 dogs, 2 cats, 5 lizards, a ferret, and a frog. T likes to spend free time making art and helping train service animals, including their adorable service dog Maisie.

Paty, Veterinary Technician

Born in Mexico, Paty moved to Colorado when she was five years old. She started working in the veterinary field back in 2010 and has stuck with it since. She has worked in various clinic and emergency rooms and is currently in veterinary technician school. Right now, she is finishing up school for her technician certification. With a big family of three kids and two fur babies, Paty keeps busy at work and volunteering at high schools with her husband. In her free time, she also likes to run and travel with her husband.  Although she is allergic to dogs and cats, it hasn’t stopped her from loving working with them.

Reese, Veterinary Assistant

Reese is a Colorado native who is currently in the process of working through veterinary technician school. As a kid he was absolutely terrified of dogs, however over the years he has overcome that fear and fell in love working with them, although he can’t overcome his allergies to pets.  In his free times he likes to do all the Colorado outdoor classics, like snowboarding.

Violette, Veterinary Assistant

Born in Maine, Violette moved to Colorado in 2020 and almost instantly joined the Altos veterinary Clinic family. When she was a kid, as soon as she found out what a veterinarian was, she decided that what job she wanted.  she knew she wanted to work as a vet or in the veterinary field as soon as she knew what the job was. She has three fur babies at home, and in her free time likes hiking and writing.

Marrisa, Receptionist and Assistant

Born and raised in Colorado, Marrisa has always had a love for animals. Previously, she has worked in the human medical field, but has loved the transition over to the medical field. Marrisa has a special spot in her heart for animals with disabilities/special needs and dreams of opening up her own rescue one day where she will be able to adopt out animals and/or give them a place to live out the rest of their lives. In her free time loves to hang out at home with her honey and their four cats (Clark Kent, Moo Moo, Tinsel and Pumpkin) + dog (Mousse). Marrisa also likes to read and spend time with her family, as well as travel when she has the time. She believes that the staff, clients, and most importantly Dr. White always make her feel like family.

Rebekah, Receptionist 

Native to Colorado, Rebekah has been around Altos since 2007 when her family purchased the clinic. She started working as a receptionist and really taking initiative with the front of house over the past few years. In 2022 she will be starting college and studying both business administration and Chinese. Rebekah has a truly warming personality and smile, and in her free time enjoys painting and working on digital art. At home she has a whole bundle of pets, including Luna and Han Solo the puppies, and Prrincess Leia and Luke Litterwalker the kitties.

Noel, Receptionist

Apart of our amazing receptionist team, Noel is a Colorado native. She has worked in shelters with all sorts of animals, ranging from small breeds, to livestock, exotic animals, and even insects! While she loved working at the shelters, she has loved the opportunity of having more personal relationships with clients and their animals at Altos. Noelle has a few fur babies of her own, Riley and Honey her lovely pups, and a hamster.

Rachael, Assistant and Back Office

Born and raised in Colorado (and at Altos) Rachael started her animal career as soon as her family bought the clinic back in 2007. She started just cleaning kennels and “helping” the technicians as best as she could. In recent years Rachael has started helping with all aspects of the business, whether that be as an assistant, helping with front of house, or working in the back office. She is currently attending school for human resources and business management, while also working at a restaurant. She enjoys painting and embroidering, spending time with loved ones, and her crazy little cat Madchen.

Mr. Man, Hospital Greeter

Mr. Man was a feral cat brought in by a client after being in a bad accident. When he came in, his name was “Old Man,” however Mr. White felt that was rude so now he goes by Mr.Man! After Dr. White helped get him all healed up, he got his first and only job as our lovely clinic cat. He would be ecstatic if you decided to say hello next time you come in.