COIVD-19 and Curbside Protocol

Dear Altos Veterinary family, both future and present,

As you are aware, the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve quickly and a national emergency has been declared.  Along with many area businesses, we are doing what we can to maintain our staff’s and clients’ health and safety.  

For the protection of our patients, clients, and employees, we are asking clients to adhere to the following guidelines when visiting our clinic.  Upon arrival, clients are asked to call us from their car at 303-343-8796. Our staff will collect information and explain how the appointment will work.  Pet patients will be taken inside the clinic for their exams.  We request that you stay in your car while the doctor performs a complete exam.  The doctor will communicate with clients by phone from the exam room to discuss clinical findings, diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and follow up.  Discharge instructions will be printed, and all medication prescriptions will be brought along with the pet back to the client. The reception will then call to obtain payment over the phone.

As usual, we request 24 hours to refill prescriptions and we will call you when the prescription is ready.  When you arrive to pick up your prescription, we request you follow the same “curbside” protocol as described above for appointments.  Our receptionists will obtain the payment over the phone and your prescription will be brought out to your car.

If you would rather pick up prescriptions from a human pharmacy, please let us know and we can work through that.  For Purina food or supplements, our clinic offers home delivery through For Hill’s Science Diet foods, our clinic offers home delivery through Hill’s to Home.  If you are not currently enrolled in either of these services, please call us and we will walk you through your first order.

It goes without saying that our staff will continue to adhere to the highest levels of cleanliness with frequent hand washing/sanitizing as well as cleaning of all surfaces regularly throughout the day.  Any staff member with cold or flu symptoms will stay home.  If you are showing any symptoms, we ask that someone else bring in your pet while we speak on the phone with you. Dr. White is also available to consult about cases through email if you are unable to bring your pet in.

Although it appears that our pets are unable to contract COVID-19, it is still unclear if they are able to carry the virus from one individual to another.  Therefore, if you or a family member is under quarantine for COVID-19, we request that you let us know ahead of time, so we can manage your pet’s health concerns appropriately.

This period of time will undoubtedly be challenging, but working together we will get through this and ensure the safety of everyone, including our pet family members. Please don’t hesitate to call our clinic with questions or concerns. 

Stay healthy and let us know what we can do for you!

Dr. Tammy White and the Altos Staff

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