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Altos Veterinary Clinic is committed to providing pet owners with the resources they need to make educated decisions about the care their pets need. When pets are healthy, we are happy.

Although caring for your pet is a commitment, it can also be a lot of fun! We invite you view our pet picture gallery and upload your own photos of you and your favorite companion. Come join our community of animal lovers in celebrating the joys of pet ownership!

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Pet Loss Resources & Support

Pet loss is a difficult experience and losing your beloved pet can be like losing a member of your family. Altos Veterinary Clinic’s staff appreciates your need for compassion at this time of transition. We sincerely hope that the pages in our Pet Loss Library are helpful and comforting to you.

The Human Animal Bond Trust (HABT) is a non-profit organization which exists to serve those who are anticipating, or have lost, an animal companion. That loss may be one of the most devastating and painful experiences you will ever face. Such a loss can be as traumatic as losing a family member or a dear friend. To meet the needs of those faced with animal loss HABT provides the help of professional grief counselors through the Denver Pet Loss Support Group.

Pet Loss Library