Pet Health


Choosing a pet food and decoding pet food labels can be daunting tasks. Now, an alliance of veterinary organizations have teamed up to bring you the resources you need to demystify pet food.

These organizations, known collectively as the Pet Nutrition Alliance (PNA), have collaborated to promote the importance of nutrition as an essential component of providing optimal health care for healthy, sick, and injured pets. The new PNA website is designed with you–the pet owner–in mind, providing tools and resources that will help you get the facts about pet nutrition.

The website offers a collection of tools for you to use in determining the right nutrition for your pet. Resources include:

  • Body and muscle condition score charts
  • Pet food recall alerts
  • Instructions on how to read pet food labels
  • Details on safety and manufacturing of pet foods
  • Dog and cat daily calorie requirements charts
  • Weight translator tool
  • Guaranteed analysis converter tool for comparison of pet foods
  • Pet poison guidelines
  • Food and treat calculator
  • And more!

Your veterinary hospital’s membership in the PNA represents their commitment to ensuring proper nutrition for your pet. By using these resources, you can work together with your veterinarian to keep your pet healthier than ever.

Why wait? Start now! Visit the Pet Nutrition Alliance website to learn more about nutrition for your pet.

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